Course Design

Could your language school benefit from our course design services? We can provide a complete package to include syllabus, course design, lesson plans and materials.

At Brighter English we create ESL content with one key objective - to ensure the enjoyment of language learning through high quality teaching. It is important that lessons fuel curiosity, interest and creativity, thereby creating a positive attitude to learning. 

We create challenging and stimulating materials that are tailored to your students. Our easy to follow course structure and lesson plans enable teachers to save time and deliver outstanding lessons.​


By offering a wider range of courses and breaking away from the standard text book based lessons, you can give your school the best chance of attracting new business. Engaging, interactive, student focused materials will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Please get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your needs. 




Brighter English


Exeter, Devon, UK



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