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Meet our friendly online British English teachers

If you’re looking for an easy way to fit English into your schedule, you’ve come to the right place.

As a busy adult juggling a million things, you don’t have time to spend weeks studying in England or searching for a way to practise.

Instead, you need a more schedule-friendly way to keep your English alive. 

And that’s where we come in.

Through our lively online courses, we’re bringing British English to you. That way, you can enjoy all the perks of studying in the UK without any of the hassle or expense.

It’s the flexible, fuss-free and fun way to achieve fluency from home.

We’re here to make studying fun and fluency come faster

Hello, I’m Katy—the founder of Brighter English and the first person you’ll speak to when you get in touch.

Speaking to the founder might sound unusual. But that’s one of the things I love most about Brighter English. As the owner of a small school, I get to know all our students—as if we really were on campus. 


In fact, that was my original plan. After working as a teacher, course director and then manager at various language schools, I dreamed of running in-person courses in my hometown, Exeter. 


But that all changed in 2020 when it became… tricky… for people to come here and study. Despite this, more and more people wanted to use their newfound time to improve their English. 


That’s when it struck me: if you can’t come to England, why not bring England to you?

Reimagining online English lessons

At a time when everyone was teaching online, I saw a chance to do things a bit differently. 


And so, instead of simply designing online courses, I set out to recreate the in-person classroom and provide a low-cost, low-commitment alternative to studying in the UK. One that allows busy adults like you to make meaningful progress in minimal time. 

Since then, the team has grown to include several fantastic teachers from across the UK—each of whom has helped build Brighter English into what it is today.


Marie-Charlotte, France

I wanted to say that Maxine is a great teacher, having these classes has been a delight for me. She is always cheerful and manages to make every class different from the previous one, which is not an easy task!


Nataly, Russia

A special thanks to our teacher Laura, she is so patient and respectful. The structure of every lesson is well-thought, and the questions for discussing are always up to date. I really feel improvement - more confident, less shy.


Maria Grazia, Italy

I liked the type of lessons, that are on speaking grammar and all that could improve the language skills. My speaking English has improved a lot with the kindness and experience of our teacher Gail!

Small school, big impact

Our school might be tucked away in the small, historic city of Exeter, but our students are all over the world. See what they have to say about studying with us.

Meet our British English teachers

You deserve the best tuition. That’s why we only recruit teachers with recognised qualifications and the experience to back them up. It’s also why our students achieve so much in so little time.


Born in Berkshire but based in Devon, Gail has been teaching English for 23 years.


That’s not all she teaches, though. She’s also a meditation instructor—maybe that’s how she stayed so calm when she got locked in a toilet 5 minutes before one of her first ever English classes!


Qualification: Trinity TESOL Certificate & Diploma

Experience: 23 years



Globetrotter Laura has taught in South Korea, Vietnam, Spain and Portugal. She loves learning about new cultures as much as sharing her own, so expect her to ask about yours. 


When she’s not teaching, Laura’s probably in the kitchen recreating dishes she’s tasted on her travels. Maybe you can introduce her to a new one in class!

Qualification: PGCE & Cambridge CELTA
Experience: 12 years



Maxine spent a decade teaching in the UK and Spain before joining us. As an IELTS and Cambridge Exam preparation specialist, she mainly teaches our private lessons and loves watching her students’ confidence grow.  


When she’s not busy teaching (or travelling), Maxine enjoys exploring new cities, discovering new beaches or hiking in the Devon countryside.


Qualification: Cambridge CELTA & DELTA

Experience: 11 years

Alev - Teacher Photo_edited.jpg


Fluent in three languages and now working on her fourth, Alev is our team polyglot. She’s also a super experienced English teacher, so although she might speak your language she’ll never do it in class! 

As if four languages weren’t enough, Alev also plays four instruments—we’ll let you ask her which ones.


Qualification: Cambridge CELTA

Experience: 10 years

What we stand for

Encouraging you to speak

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Every single lesson is a chance for you to speak and get feedback, so you’ll never have to compete to speak. Ever.

Helping you reach your goals

With us, you’re not just another student or a name on a list. You’re a member of our community, which means you’ll have our full support for as long as you stay.

Fitting learning around you

Our flexible memberships are designed to suit your busy schedule by allowing you to start, stop and resume your lessons as you need. No questions asked.

Your journey to Brighter English starts here

To date, we’ve helped more than 300 British English enthusiasts improve their skills for travel, work and pleasure—and we’d love to help you too.

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