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One-to-One Lessons

Interested in private classes? Learning with one of our expert teachers in a one-to-one setting allows you to achieve the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time.

Start your language learning journey today!

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Why choose this course?

One-to-one classes are the best way to quickly develop your language skills and level. Your lessons will be specifically designed to fit your individual needs, aims and interests, so that you gain the most from your experience.


Lessons can focus on areas like conversation, grammar, reading and writing skills, or pronunciation. If you have a special project or area you want to work on we can help you with this too. It could be perfecting a presentation, preparing for an exam, or email writing skills. 

We use a wide range of materials, such as digital course book content, authentic listening texts, online articles and reviews, videos, games and quizzes.

We offer private one-to-one lessons with fully qualified, native English speaking teachers. Our dedicated tutors have many years of experience and provide quality lessons with detailed feedback on your performance. 


Meet the teachers here!

What is included?

Our prices are all inclusive.

Here's what you'll get in addition to your online lessons:

  • All course materials

  • Homework tasks (optional)

  • Pre-course level test

  • Pre-course needs analysis

  • End of course certificate

  • Personalised student report


Dates and prices

Times are flexible - you can choose the times that best suit you. Lessons usually last 1 hour, but again this can be adapted to meet your needs.

One-to-One classes cost £35 per hour.


Discounts are available for small private groups:

2 students = £45 per hour

3 students = £55 per hour

4 students = £65 per hour

Please contact us if you are interested in a small private group class, or you have any other questions!

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