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The easy way to master Phrasal Verbs

Our self-study mini course is the key to understanding native English speakers and having better conversations!

Lifetime access | Only £49

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The missing piece in your fluency puzzle

So, you can follow English conversations, share your opinions, and chat about your plans for the future.

But maybe you still don’t speak as naturally as you’d like. 

You need phrasal verbs!


They're everywhere in British English - from casual chats and business meetings, to your favourite films and books.

We know phrasal verbs can be...a bit tricky for language learners! 😳


That's why we created an easy and enjoyable way for you to find, learn and use them in different situations.


Phrasal Verbs Figured Out

A self-paced mini course to help you demystify phrasal verbs, understand English speakers and start expressing yourself more clearly and easily.

ONLY £49

Enjoy expert tuition


Discover one of the biggest secrets to speaking fluent English with our proven learning techniques, developed with more than 14 years of teaching experience.

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Complete fun activities


Improve your understanding of 24 phrasal verbs with quizzes, games, gap-fill exercises and activities that make learning easier and enjoyable.

Watch real-life videos


Get used to hearing phrasal verbs in action and understand real-life speed and pronunciation by watching live video interviews with members of the British public.

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“I've always had problems with phrasal verbs - they are quite difficult for French speakers. But the different activities helped me use the vocabulary and I liked the interesting videos with British people.


Now I have a clear understanding and I feel confident to use phrasal verbs in conversations. Highly recommend!


Agathe, France

When you purchase the course, you’ll also get:

        Digital flashcard sets


No need to take notes! We’ve taken all the phrasal verbs you'll learn and made them into flashcards so you can easily test your knowledge at any time. Oh, and we’ve added an extra 30 phrasal verbs to give you even more to practise.

        Video transcripts


Listening to members of the British public speak can be a challenge (even for us sometimes!). To make sure you can follow what everyone’s saying, we’ve included written transcripts of all video conversations.

        Phrasal verb reference guide


Complete with meanings, examples, and pronunciations, this digital quick reference guide can sit in your pocket ready to check whenever you need - whether it’s mid-conversation or while you’re watching a film.

        Lifetime access to the course


Want to rewatch a video or retake a test? You’ll have access to the course forever, so you can come back to revise or check your progress any time you like.

        Certificate of completion


We love to recognise our students' achievements. So, just like if you joined our live classes, you’ll receive a digital certificate when you complete Phrasal Verbs Figured Out.



Looking for personal support? We offer that (for free), too.

While you’re working through the course, you can email us any time with questions.

It might be self-paced, but we’re still here to support you.

What will you learn?

  Module 1: Travel  


One of the hardest parts of mastering phrasal verbs is knowing when it’s appropriate to use them. Well, not any more!


We’ll start by watching a video where I share a personal story of a trip gone wrong, so you can learn the formality levels of 8 different verbs in the context of travel.


Finish knowing: When is appropriate to use phrasal verbs.

  Module 2: Shopping  


Next, we’ll look at how phrasal verbs are structured so they no longer trip you up (see what we did there?) in conversation or text.


We’ll work through a magazine article about shopping, where you can see them in action.


Finish knowing: How to structure phrasal verbs and use them in context.

  Module 3: Relationships  


Pronunciation is an important part of mastering phrasal verbs because it helps the listener clearly understand your meaning.


You’ll hear differences in pronunciation in the final module, where we examine a conversation between two English friends.


Finish knowing: How to identify and pronounce phrasal verbs in context.

  Final step: Test  


We’ll finish with an informal quiz to test your understanding of everything you’ve learnt. That way, you’ll feel fully prepared to use your new knowledge in real-life conversations.


Finish feeling: Loads more confident!

Go from conversational to fluent.


Figure out phrasal verbs the Brighter English way

Most online phrasal verb courses are delivered through a simple video and multiple choice quiz - but not us!


We use a more practical approach to help you demystify these verbs for good. Here’s how it works...

1. Unboxing the new verbs


Each module starts by introducing 8 phrasal verbs, which you’ll actively identify in a quick activity. Once the answers are revealed, you can check your accuracy, correct any mistakes and move on to complete the first practice task.

2. Examining the pieces


Next we explore the verbs in more depth, examining their use, form, or pronunciation - in context, of course. We’ll present another practice task to make sure you fully understand how to use each of these features.

3. Piecing everything together


The best way to make sure you fully understand phrasal verbs is to apply them to your own life. So, you’ll answer a series of questions using the phrasal verbs covered in the lesson.

4. Learning From Native Speakers


We finish each module with a series of video interviews with members of the British public. They’re answering the same questions as you just did, so you can hear the language in action and compare your answers!

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

Recognise and use the most common phrasal verbs in context and better understand conversations, films, songs and TV shows.

Feel more relaxed in conversation with native and fluent English speakers because you can listen and reply with more ease.

Add more depth to your English and express your thoughts and ideas more accurately in different situations - from travelling to going shopping.

Uncover nuances in the language that help you better understand and connect with British people and culture.

Your course includes:

Course videos led by Katy, our Course Director

Digital tasks (quizzes, games, picture matching, gap fills, etc.)

Magazine articles and written texts

Audio recordings 

Writing and discussion prompts

Video interviews with members of the British public

End of course test

Plus your bonuses:

Digital flashcard sets of essential 54 phrasal verbs

Video transcripts

Phrasal verb quick reference guide

Course completion certificate

Lifetime access to the course

Ongoing email support

Phrasal verbs are the key to unlocking confidence in conversation.


Are you ready to figure them out for good?

  • What happens if I can’t attend a lesson?
    Your teacher will be in touch after the lesson to catch you up on what we covered and share your homework along with any important class materials. As this is a monthly membership, we can’t refund any missed lessons. If you know in advance that you can’t attend for more than 2 consecutive weeks, tell us 3 days before your next payment is due, and we’ll pause your membership until you return.
  • How and when do I pay for my membership?
    When you join the General English programme, we’ll set up a direct debit to come out on the same date every month for as long as you decide to stay.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    All you need to do is email Katy 3 days before your next payment is due so we can stop your direct debit. If you forget to do it before then, we won’t be able to cancel it until the following month.
  • How long is the course?
    As long as you want it to be! The General English course is a rolling monthly membership that you can start at any time and stay as long as you like.
  • When can I start?
    Lessons take place every Thursday evening at 18:30-20:00 CEST. Sign up by Sunday and start your lessons the following week.
  • Is this the right course for me?
    If you've reached an intermediate to advanced level, and you’re looking for a way to improve your English in a fun, friendly group, you’ll love the General English course. But if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit, why not come along to a lesson and see? You can attend for just £20, no strings attached.
  • What if the timetable doesn’t work for me?
    As a small school, we can only offer group lessons at certain times of the week. If Thursday evenings don’t work for you, perhaps our Conversation Club or Private Lessons will.
  • Do you offer cheaper lessons?
    Yes, we do! At just £45 per month, our Conversation Club is an affordable way to practise your speaking skills. You can find out more and book a trial class here.

Do you have questions? Let’s answer them.

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