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  • Katy

Don’t Feel Blue! 5 Colourful English Expressions

Did you know that today is called ‘Blue Monday’? This is the third Monday in January - so this year it’s January 16th. But where does this name come from?

Well, English is a very colourful, expressive language and we often use colours to describe our mood. Actually, colours are used in cultures all over the world, but they can have very different meanings in different countries so you have to be careful!

Here are 5 of the most popular colourful phrases we use here in the UK to express our feelings and emotions…


1. Blue

To feel blue means to feel sad or depressed.

Example: “She's been a bit blue since her boyfriend left her.”

‘Blue Monday’ was calculated to be the most depressing day of the year because of the cold weather, no more Christmas celebrations, and because some people already failing their New Year’s resolutions. But don’t worry - this was actually just created as a marketing trick by Sky Travel, to encourage people to book a holiday!

2. Pink

If you are tickled pink it means you are very pleased or happy about something.

Example: “I was tickled pink to be invited to the party.”