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6 Surprising Reasons to Love Online Learning

If you’re used to studying in a formal classroom environment, making the leap to online learning can feel a little overwhelming – especially if you’ve never tried it before.

But did you know that there are big benefits to learning English online? In fact, a study by IBM showed that students learnt an amazing 5x more material than in a traditional, face-to-face class. Not only that, studies have proven that e-learning has helped more students to stay motivated and complete their course.

But there are some seriously surprising reasons to love online learning that you might not have thought of. From freedom to fashion choices to finance, keep reading to discover our Brighter English list of brilliant e-learning benefits.


1. Anytime, Anywhere

Do you prefer studying early in the morning or late at night? Whether you’re a morning lark or a night owl, there’s an online English course out there to suit you.

That’s because you can choose exactly when you want to study, which means no more pesky wake-up calls or restrictive timetables. You can learn when you feel at your most productive and awake.

What’s more, you can decide where you want to study. Whether that’s in the comfort of your own bedroom, a friend’s house or a cosy coffee shop, you’re in complete control of your learning location.

2. More Me-Time

If you wish you had a couple of extra hours a day to relax and do what you enjoy most, then online English classes could be the answer.

Because you can take them anytime, anywh