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Dictionary Delights: Our 5 Favourite Words Added in 2023

Every year, dictionaries add more and more words to their pages. These often come from slang, TV, or social media...and then officially become part of the English language!

So 2023 may be gone, but it left behind plenty of fresh new slang words to spice up your English. Forget dusty textbooks, we're talking about words so hot they're practically trending on Twitter.

Let's have a look at our top five - how many do you recognise?


1. Grammable (adj)

This one's for all you social media butterflies. Something "grammable" is basically picture-perfect, ready to be photographed and posted for the world to see. Your new outfit? Grammable. That sunset over the beach? Total grammable moment. Just remember, sometimes the best moments are lived, not liked, so don't forget to soak it all in too!

2. NGL (acronym)

This little phrase has been everywhere recently! It means "Not Gonna Lie" - basically a way to say "honestly," but with a touch of casual coolness. Perfect for those moments when you want to keep it real and straightforward. Like, "NGL, I ate way too much pizza last night, but no regrets!"

3. Jorts (n)

Fashionistas, this one's for you! "Jorts" are making a stylish comeback, referring to those trendy jean shorts. So, if you see someone wearing some vintage knee-length denim, you know what to call them.

4. Rizz (n)

Here's where things get charming! This word describes someone's charisma, especially when it comes to flirting or romance. For example: "NGL, that waiter with the handsome smile has some major rizz."

5. Zhuzh (v)

This playful word means to improve or make more stylish. It's about taking something ordinary and giving it that extra special something. You could zhuzh up your outfit with a scarf, zhuzh up your presentation with a joke, or give your house a zhuzh with some fresh flowers.


So, there you have it - five fabulous new words.

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