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6 of the Weirdest British Easter Traditions we Bet You didn’t Know!

You might have heard of chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny, but how about Egg Jarping, Bottle Kicking and Morris Dancing?

It might surprise you to know that Britain has some amazing Easter traditions all of its own. From royal ceremonies to competitive sports, and rituals inspired by legend, keep reading to discover the 6 weirdest British Easter traditions we bet you didn’t know!


1. Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is a quintessentially British custom which dates back over 150 years. It takes place annually at Avenham Park in Preston, a small city in the northern county of Lancashire. Each year, hundreds of excited children decorate hard-boiled eggs, ready to take part in the competition.

To play the game, you have to roll your egg down one of the park’s grassy hills. If it breaks? Bad, luck. You’re out of the competition. But if your egg travels the furthest without smashing, you’ll be declared the annual egg rolling champion! And, when the race is over, you definitely don’t want to leave any empty eggshells on the hillside. Legend has it that witches will steal them to use as boats – which is why they’re always crushed at the end of every event.

In the past, the church would organise events such as tea parties to accompany egg rolling events, but today they’re a much more exciting affair. You can now enjoy your egg roll alongside live entertainment such as music, Easter craft workshops and street theatre.

2. Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are a delicious spiced raisin bread, traditionally served split in half, toasted and served with lashings of butter. But did you know they’re more than just a tasty treat? They’re also steeped in folklore dating back hundreds of years.