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How to Perfect your Pronunciation

Have you ever spent hours studying English vocabulary only to realise you’re not completely sure how to pronounce any of the words you’ve learnt? Do you struggle with word stress, silent letters or difficult sounds? If so, this is the blog for you. Read on to discover our Brighter English guide to perfecting your pronunciation in 6 easy steps.


1. Get Familiar with the Sounds of English

English isn’t a phonetic language, which means that what you read isn’t necessarily what you say. This is why English pronunciation can be pretty tricky, even for the most advanced students. So it’s important to familiarise yourself with English sounds, and you can do this by getting your hands on a phonemic chart.

The chart is made up of different symbols which represent all of the sounds of English. It’s divided into single vowel sounds, double vowels sounds and consonant sounds. Under each symbol is a word which contains that sound, so you can practise it.

You can download a British phonemic chart poster to put on your wall here:

Phonemic Chart Poster
Download • 547KB

2. Get the App

If you prefer to learn pronunciation on your laptop, phone or tablet, we can recommend Sounds, by Macmillan Education. It lets you learn the phonemic chart in an interactive way - simply click on a sound to listen and repeat. This will help you to discover which sounds you find easy or difficult to pronounce so you can practise them. This fantastic app also features word lists, practice exercises and quizzes, so you can study and have fun at the same time.