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6 of the Most Magical Off-Grid Getaways in the UK...

...and the Relaxation Idioms you’ll need when you get there!

Do you dream about getting away from it all? Would you love to swap city life for the great outdoors? After such a stressful year, we’re all in need of a little peace and tranquillity – not to mention a digital detox! If unspoilt wilderness, starry skies and heavenly hideaways are your thing, keep reading to discover our Brighter English Top Picks for off-grid holidays in the UK – plus some inspirational relaxation idioms to help you express yourself this summer.


Part One: What does it mean to holiday ‘off-grid’?

Well, it usually means that the holiday accommodation has fewer services than you might expect in a normal house. It might not have mobile phone coverage or WIFI, or be connected to a gas or water supply. Many off-grid homes don’t even have electricity!

So, why do people choose to have an ‘off-grid’ experience? Simple! A more relaxed pace of life. Going off-grid gives you the chance to escape from reality, in a way that most other holidays don’t. An off-grid holiday is private, secluded and far away from the stresses of modern life.

In a world where we never put down our phones, a holiday in harmony with nature is an opportunity to really switch off.


Part Two: What types of off-grid holidays are there?


We’ve all heard of camping – but how about glamping? Glamping combines the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ to create an outdoor holiday with a luxury twist. Those cramped, cold, flimsy tents? Forget them. Glampers – or glamorous campers – protect themselves from the elements in large bell tents or yurts, with all of the creature comforts of home.

Expect real beds, wood burners, hot tubs and luxury furnishings…and perhaps a glass of champagne or two! Intrigued? Why not check out these incredible tents by The Cambridge Glamping Co.

Shepherd’s Huts

These quaint and cosy wooden huts were originally created for shepherds to use when they were looking after their sheep during lambing season. Now, they’re being used by holiday-makers in need of a rural escape.

With space for cooking, eating and sleeping, they’re the perfect chic retreat for people who love to stargaze. Think fairy lights, pizza ovens, fire pits and fur throws to keep out the cold. Sound appealing? Browse these stylish Scandi lakeside huts in south Somerset.


What could be better than sleeping among the stars? Tranquil, secluded and fabulously different, this is a holiday you’ll be talking about for years to come. With hot tubs, private bars, hammocks and nothing but beautiful countryside for miles around, you can combine comfort and nature for pure relaxation.

To book a room with a view, browse this amazing selection of luxury treehouses from all over the UK.


The world’s your oyster if you take your accommodation with you! Refurbished vintage campervans are a popular and practical choice for people who like to see the sights, but don’t want to stay in one place. These beautifully upcycled motor homes are full of useful facilities – fully equipped kitchens, multipurpose storage and soft, comfortable beds.

If you love the thrill of adventure, try these unique campervan stays with a designer touch, in Devon.

Psst - this might be our top choice, since Brighter English is based in Devon! To find out how you can join our online school from the comfort of your own home, book a FREE Zoom meeting with one of our friendly teachers here:

Gypsy Caravans

Similar to a Shepherd’s hut, but with bags more character, these horse-drawn wooden carriages are beautiful inside and out. Ornately decorated and bursting with colour, these traditional homes are a unique and quirky way to experience the outdoors.

Love the traveller lifestyle? Try out one of these gorgeous gypsy caravans in the picturesque Peak District.

Hobbit Houses

Who could forget the incredible hobbit dwellings in Lord of the Rings? Eco-friendly, cosy and unbelievably cute, these Tolkien-inspired roundhouses will add a touch of fantasy to your next holiday.

With grass rooves, picket fences, cottage gardens and luxurious free-standing bathtubs, you can relax and enjoy nature, as well as a little movie magic. If you’d love to live like a hobbit for a week, check out this charming house in the heart of Sussex.


Part Three: Do you know these relaxation idioms?

So, you’ve gone on your off-grid holiday, and you’re feeling calm and relaxed. But how can you express that in English? Easy. Just use these 6 relaxation idioms, and you’ll sound like a true native!

To unwind

To relax and stop thinking about stressful situations.

E.g. My job is so stressful at the moment. I can’t wait to unwind at the beach with a picnic and a good book.

To let your hair down

To relax and enjoy yourself - perhaps even more than usual.

E.g. I had a great time dancing at the party last night. It was great to let my hair down after a week of looking after the kids.

To switch off

To stop giving your attention to a person, thing or situation, so you can completely relax. This could be an item of technology, a stressful problem or an annoying conversation.

E.g. I’m not taking my laptop on the trip this time. My boss keeps emailing me about work, which makes it impossible to switch off.

To recharge your batteries

To take a break for a short period of time, so you can recover your energy.

E.g. I was so tired after the car journey, so I had a nap to recharge my batteries.

To put your feet up

To relax completely and do absolutely nothing – often by sitting down with your feet supported above the ground.

E.g. I’ve been doing housework all day, so this evening I’m going to put my feet up on the sofa and watch TV.

To be footloose and fancy free

Not held back by responsibilities to other people or situations. In other words, free to do anything you want.

E.g. Let’s go glamping this weekend. I don’t have to work, so I’m footloose and fancy free!


Part Four: Time to Test Your Knowledge!

Task 1:

Can you make sentences about your own life, using all of the idioms above?

Task 2:

Imagine you work for a holiday company specialising in glamping in your region. Write a tempting travel advert describing the location, accommodation and facilities.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of glamorous off-grid getaways in the UK – and that we’ve inspired you to switch off your phone, unwind and get back to nature! If dreaming about your next holiday has already got you feeling relaxed, why not impress your friends with the idioms you’ve learnt by practising them today.

If you’d like a little extra help with your English for travel, work or pleasure, book your place on one of our expert Brighter English courses today, from just £20 a week:


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