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Travel Talk: Advanced English Expressions for Your Summer Holiday

Summer is here! And whether you're planning on visiting a new city, island hopping in Greece, or trekking through the Alps, you're sure to return with some great travel stories.

But how will you describe your trip to friends, family, or colleagues?

Yes, you can tell them it was “amazing” or "beautiful”… But wouldn't it be more impressive to use vivid language and colourful expressions?

Fear not! Today, we’re sharing advanced English phrases to help you confidently talk about your travels—like a native speaker.


Anticipation and Excitement

Let's start with some more interesting ways to say you were looking forward to your holiday. 😍 These phrases set the stage for your adventure, showing your excitement for new experiences:

  • "I couldn’t wait for my holiday in [place].”

  • "I was thrilled to explore..."

  • "I was counting down the days until I could visit..."


First Impressions

When you arrive, how can you capture those initial reactions? Try to paint a picture of your first moments in a new place, by describing the sights, sounds, and emotions:

  • “As soon as I arrived, I was struck by..."

  • "My first impression of [place] was..."

  • "The moment I stepped off the plane, I was greeted by..."


Local Culture

Travel is all about immersing yourself in culture. You can use these phrases to talk about cultural encounters, or learning about the local way of life:

  • "One of the highlights was experiencing [local festival/tradition]."

  • "I immersed myself in the local culture by..."

  • "I had the opportunity to participate in..."



Visiting the sights and learning about local history is often a highlight of any trip. Three great phrases for expressing your admiration are:

  • "Visiting [landmark/attraction] was a truly memorable experience."

  • "The architecture of [building/structure] was breathtaking."

  • "I was fascinated by the history behind..."


Culinary Adventures

Food is a universal language! Here’s how to describe the flavours and delights of local cuisine with more detail:

  • "I indulged in traditional dishes such as [dish] and [dish]."

  • "The flavours of [local cuisine] were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted."

  • "One of my favourite meals was at a cosy local restaurant, where I tried..."


Personal Connections

Interacting with locals can add so much depth to your holiday. These expressions share the wonderful experience of meeting new friends abroad:

  • "I had the chance to chat with some locals and learn about their daily lives."

  • "The hospitality of the locals made me feel welcomed and appreciated."

  • "I made new friends who showed me around and shared stories about..."


Overcoming Challenges

As you know, travel doesn’t always go to plan. 😲 But this can add some excitement to your holiday! Here’s how to discuss those unexpected moments and challenges:

  • "Navigating the bustling streets of [city] was quite an adventure."

  • "I faced a few challenges, such as [challenge], but it added to the overall experience."

  • "One of the most memorable moments was..."


Looking Back and Moving Forward

As your journey comes to an end, how do you reflect on your experiences? Use these expressions to share the impact of your travels and your future plans:

  • "Looking back, I’m grateful for the opportunity to..."

  • "This trip has given me a new perspective on..."

  • "I can’t wait to plan my next holiday to [place]."


We hope these advanced English expressions inspire you to share your travel stories with confidence and flair.

So, go ahead and impress your friends, family, and colleagues with your new vocabulary and vivid storytelling!

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